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Oregon Landlord Training


The Portland metro-area Landlord Training has set its Spring 2009 class dates. This is 8-hours of specialized training – and it’s free!

Excerpt: “Program Information: Since 1989, this nationally recognized program has taught over 13000 Portland-area owners and managers how to keep illegal activity out of rentals, maintain property in compliance with City maintenance regulations, and partner with City services/programs both to provide habitable housing and protect their residential property investment.

This program is constantly updated to current laws and issues, and has been adopted by over 400 cities and counties across the nation. The content of the course reflects in-depth research with organizations and individuals in police work, housing maintenance, property management, law, and public housing.

The Workshop focuses on keeping rental properties safe of free and illegal activity by training landlords in effective property management, and techniques for dealing with illegal activities by tenants….” (link to full announcement)

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