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Oregon Law Forces Jury Trials To Continue, Increasing Virus Risk (OPB article)


Interesting decision by Multnomah County Circuit Court Administrators and judges given even the little we know now about how Covid-19 spreads, not to mention the condition of the old Courthouse:

“Oregon Law Forces Jury Trials To Continue, Increasing Virus Risk,” by Conrad Wilson, OPB, May 12, 2020

If you are called for jury duty, grand or petit, in Oregon, please check your Circuit Court’s website for instructions and contact information. Or, call the phone number on your juror summons.

Notice, for example, that today’s notice on the Multnomah County Circuit Court website says:

“If you are a Juror who received a summons for any of the following days: Monday May 11th, Tuesday May 12th, Wednesday May 13th, Thursday May 14th, or Friday May 15th, your appearance is not needed. Please do not come to the courthouse.”

We are all chasing after Covid-19, trying to learn who and what it is (and how long it plans to behave like that unwanted house guest settling in on the couch and leaving a trail of destruction wherever it goes) and business and government policies and practices change quickly as we learn more about this unwelcome “visitor.”

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