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Oregon Law Practice Management for Lawyers: Tips Galore


Do you read the PLF’s In Brief newsletter? How about their Law Practice Management blog, where you can find links to new issues of In Brief and much, much more?

1) Their latest link to the ABA Law Practice Today website takes you to this critical mobile-lawyering practice tip:

Securely Deleting Data from Mobile Devices

2) Law Practice Management blog: also alerts you to the latest PLF newsletter In Brief – the July 2012 issue, which includes these very dry, but very important topics:

1) Modification to Civil Case Management System in Multnomah County
2) Revised Uniform Trial Court Rules Effective August 1, 2012
3) Adjusted Tort Liability Limits Against Public Bodies Effective July 1, 2012
4) Contract Lawyers: Independent Contractors or Employees?
5) New Foreclosure Law Requirements and PLF Practice Aids

New Oregon lawyers: Remember the PLF! They may save your practice and maybe even your life.  Log in to PLF for free and low-cost CLEs, law practice management services and advice, etc.

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