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Oregon Lawyers, County Bar Association Services & Websites

I always learn something new when I look at Oregon lawyer bar association websites.
The Multnomah Bar Association (MBA) has lots and lots of information, for lawyers and for non-lawyers:
1) The MBA publishes the excellent Juvenile Rights Handbook.
2) Lawyers volunteer for Multnomah County Animal Services Hearings through the Multnomah Bar Association’s YLS Services to the Public Committee.
The Washington County Bar Association website is primarily for lawyers who practice in Washington County, but you can always visit the Washington County Law Library for lots of non-attorney legal research guides.
Last, but not least, don’t forget the Oregon Bar Association (OSB) website.  They have a directory to Oregon county bar associations.  Not all county bar association weblinks are listed, so use our friend “Google” to find out if there is one.
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