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Oregon Librarians: Eat their Own Dog Food and Adopt the Open-Source Kittens


Present and Future Librarians: The most recent OLA Quarterly has some excellent articles well-worth reading including, but not limited to these:

OLA (Oregon Library Association) Quarterly, Fall 2010, Vol. 16, no. 3

1) ‘What “Open to the Public” Really Means,” by Jane Salisbury and Carolee Hirsch

2) “A Wiki Way of Communication,” by Carol McGeehon

3) “Free as in Internet: Using Linux and Open Source Software on Public Workstations,” by Matthew “Buzzy” Nielsen and Sean Park

4) “Tipping the Scales: How Free Culture Helps Restore Balance in the Age of Copyright Maximalism,” by Rachel Bridgewater

5) “Open Sesame: The Open Science and Open Data Movements and Their Implications for Librarians,” by Hope Leman

6) “The Promise of Open Government, for the Nation and for Oregon,” by Patrice McDermott and Roberta Richards

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