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Oregon LUBA Opinion: Barnes v. Hillsboro & Port of Portland


If you’ve been following the news stories about this case, you might want to read the full LUBA opinion:

MICHELLE BARNES, Petitioner, vs. CITY OF HILLSBORO, Respondent, and THE PORT OF PORTLAND, Intervenors-Respondent:

2010-011 Barnes v. City of Hillsboro (or link to Order from the LUBA homepage)

Excerpt: “NATURE OF THE DECISION: Petitioner appeals a city ordinance that amends the city zoning map to apply the city’s Airport Use (AU) zone to the Hillsboro Airport and the city’s Airport Safety and Compatibility Overlay (ASCO) zone to surrounding properties….” (Link to full opinion: LUBA No. 2010-011. FINAL OPINION AND ORDER)

Before jumping to conclusions, read the opinion and:

1) Read about hyperacusis: Wikipedia and more.
2) Read the U.S. Constitution.
3) Read the Oregon Constitution.
4) Read the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS).
5) Read the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR).

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