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Oregon Measure 53 Update


* From the Oregonian 6/6/08 Newsflash: Recount likely for Ore. Measure 53, civil forfeitures:

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — A recount is likely for Measure 53, the statewide ballot measure to change civil forfeiture laws on property seized by police in Oregon.

As of Friday, Measure 53 was passing by 861 votes out of 975,000.

The Oregon secretary of state’s office says the election has not been certified, but it appears almost certain the difference will be less than one-fifth of 1 percent, which triggers an automatic recount…. (full flash)

*From the Oregonlive Politics News page: New numbers on Measure 53, posted by Michelle Cole May 29, 2008:

The Secretary of State still showed Measure 53 passing, but barely. With 961,599 votes cast, 481,384 or 50.06 percent had voted “yes” and 480,215 or 49.94 were “no” votes.
The final verdict on the recount won’t be until June 19, when the election results are officially certified
.” (full blog post)

* As of 6/10/08:

Yes Votes, 489,445, 50.03%

No Votes, 488,885, 49.97%

Totals: 978,330, 100%

* The text of Measure 53 from the Oregon SoS Elections Division.

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