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Oregon Paternity Laws: 2007 Update


Many changes have been made to Oregon’s paternity laws. For information about these changes, see:

Oregon State Bar (OSB), Family Law Newsletter, April 2008 (vol. 27, #2) (not online, except to members – but available at some public law libraries). “The 2007 Amendments to Oregon Paternity Law,” by Leslie J. Harris, J.D.

The same author of the above has also written this article, which is available online to anyone, abstract and full text:

“A New Paternity Law for the Twenty-First Century: Of Biology, Social Function, Children’s Interests and Betrayal,” Leslie J. Harris, University of Oregon School of Law

Related links: The Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS), Oregon Law Commission, county websites (e.g. this one at Marion County), and OSB Public Information.

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