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Oregon Public Law Librarians go Live with Call-In TV Show


In less than 3 weeks, about 2,000 law librarians (including the law lib bloggers) and their families will be converging on the Portland Metro area for the 2008 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL). This is a lot more exciting than you might imagine (and very good for local businesses and the tourism sector).

In honor of the Descent of the Law Librarians, Jenn Dalglish, Clackamas County Law Librarian, and I, Washington County Law Librarian, will talk about all things Law Librarian (a lot more fun than you might imagine!) on the public, cable-access TV program:

Legally Speaking,” on TVCTV, June 26th, 8-9 p.m. (live) (reruns thereafter):49 minutes of Fast Talking about Law Libraries, With Call-In Possibilities.

1) What is a law librarian, anyway?
2) When do you ask for legal advice?
3) Who NOT to consult for legal advice?
4) How do I find a lawyer?
5) Can I research the law myself?

Now, about those librarians … visit some of their web sites: the techie, the zen librarian (with a truly evil side), and the wonky, blogging law librarians.

See how much fun we’re having writing our script for Thursday night?


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