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How Does Oregon Rank in the (Access to) Justice Index


Visit the Justice Index beta site for preliminary findings.

Note: access to justice is different from access to courts – and then there is access to affordable legal assistance.

1) You’ve just been charged with DUII.
2) You are a small business owner, or want to start a small business, and need to know about how, or if, to incorporate.
3) Your son who is in jail needs to know how to pay his child support.
4) You are a self-represented litigant and want to know how to ask a question about a court procedure.
5) You just found out your “husband” was married when he “married” you – after you moved here from another country.
6) Your college kid’s landlord just sued for back rent.
7) Your local law librarian advised you to talk to a lawyer before renting out that room in your house.
8) Your local law librarian recommended you talk to a lawyer before evicting that person who is renting out that room in your house.

There’s more! Lots, and lots, and lots more. But you get my drift.

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