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Oregon Restaurant and Food (Safety) Law


We’ve had a rash of restaurant and wait-staff questions, on subjects from music licensing, to tip-pooling, to “can a restaurant owner deduct credit card company charges from their wait-staff wages when a customer pays the bill with a credit card?” (The latter is definitely one of those “just when you think you’ve heard everything” questions.)

This post originally started out as one on a new Restaurant Law book we just got in the library, but, as usual, it took on a life of its own.

This post could also be combined with the previous one on Small Business Resources, but we’ll stick to food, so to speak, for the moment.

1) New book: The new title on restaurant law is from Sphinx Publishing, “The Law (In Plain English) for Restaurants and Others in the Food Industry,” by Leonard D. DuBoff (who also wrote the recent Sender Beware: E-mail Traps and Troubles article, with Christy O. King, that appeared in the July 2009 OSB Bulletin).

2) Some other Oregon resources on Food and Restaurant Law include:

a) Portland Restaurant Workers Association (PDXRWA)
b) Restaurant (food safety) Inspections
c) Food Handlers Manual
d) Oregon Department of Agriculture Food Safety Division
e) Product development (while it is very scary to think of food as a “product,” such is life as we know it now)
f) Food Carts Portland blog

3) Food, restaurants, and labor law, e.g. BOLI and blogs.

4) Food Law generally: Food Law dot org, Food Law Professors, FDA Food, and Food Law Blog.

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