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Oregon Scam Alert: U.S. Census Scam


You might not realize it but it’s Census Time Again. Wowsers! 2010, here we come. None of us can avoid the march of time, so don’t be mean to your elders or your youngers (so to speak). You too will one day be OLD (ha ha ha).

Before I forget what I was talking about (!), here’s the news on the Scam Alert and the Census Scam:

Use Twitter to track Oregon Scam Alerts, which links to this 10/14/09 news release:


The DOJ Scam Alerts are done in partnership with Oregon the Department of Consumer and Business Services, Oregon District Attorneys’ Association, Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association, Oregon Association of Police Chiefs, AARP and Elders in Action.

If you’re not sure if all these, uh, old people are keeping their Twitter activity current or if you want to report your own scam or file a complaint or just check out the latest DOJ activity, visit their website.

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