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Oregon State Bar Announces Free Legal Answers Website


The Oregon State Bar recently launched Free Legal Answers in partnership with the American Bar Association that uses volunteer Oregon attorneys to answer legal questions for free for qualifying patrons.

The site can help get answers to questions on Oregon topics such as family law, eviction, and consumer law. If you are interested in getting a question answered the website will guide you through the process. After the disclaimers on the first page, you will be taken to a page that gives more details on who qualifies and what is done with your information. This site is geared to help low-income patrons so be prepared to provide income information and to answer other questions. You can submit your question if you qualify.

There is a limit of 3 different legal questions per year and you must meet the qualifications each time you use the websites.

There is also a federal version of the site that answers immigration questions as well as questions related to veterans’ issues. You must also answer the qualifying questions for the federal site.

If you do not qualify for help at either of the sites mentioned above, they both have “Other Places to Get Help” sections that link to sites that might help answer your questions.

These sites could help bridge the Access to Justice gap that exists for low-income people that usually cannot afford attorney fees.

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