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Oregon State Bar (OSB) BarBooks Database


The collection of materials in the Oregon State Bar (OSB) BarBooks database is impressive – see the list below. Our lawyers and self-represented litigants still like the print for certain types of research, but the database is an excellent addition to our collection (and to the database collections of many Oregon county law libraries around the state).

For you self-represented (aka pro se) litigants: This online collection does not necessarily mean you will find easy answers to your legal questions and problems; there is generally no such thing. You will still need to update the case law and statutes, determine what procedural steps to follow, and not to put too fine a point on it … figure out what to do with the information you find.

The other useful thing about having these online is that updates can be made easily and quickly. This list is up to date as of a few days ago:

OSB BarBooks Title List:

Administering Oregon Estates (2004 rev. with 2006 legis. supp.)
Administering Trusts in Oregon (2007 rev.)
Advising Oregon Businesses, Vols. 1-2 (2001 rev. with 2007 supp.)
Advising Oregon Businesses, Vols. 3-4 (2003 rev. with 2009 supp.)
Advising Oregon Businesses, Vol. 5 (forms volume) (2010 edition)
Appeal and Review (1993 rev. with 2002 cum. supp.)
Appeal and Review: The Basics (2010 edition)
Arbitration and Mediation (1996 rev. with 2008 cum. supp.)
Bankruptcy Law (1999 rev. with 2007 supp.)
Construction Law (2004 rev.)
Consumer Law in Oregon (1996 edition with 2005 cum. supp.)
Contract Law in Oregon (2003 rev. with 2008 supp.)
Creditors’ Rights and Remedies (2002 rev. with 2006 supp.)
Criminal Law (2005 rev. with 2006 legis. supp.)
Damages (1998 rev. with 2007 cum. supp.)
Disciplinary Board Reporter (1998 – 2009)
Documentation of Real Estate Transactions (2008 rev.)
Elder Law (2000 edition with 2005 supp.)
Environmental Law and Natural Resources Law (2002 edition with 2006 supp.)
The Ethical Oregon LawY(i!r (2006 rev.)
Family Law (2002 rev. with 2008 cum. supp.)
Federal Civil Litigation in Oregon (2009 rev.)
Fee Agreement Compendium (2007 rev.)
Foreclosing Security Interests (1997 rev. with 2005 cum. supp.)
Fundamentals of Real Estate Transactions (1992 rev. with 2001 cum. supp.)
Guardianships, Conservatorships, and Transfers to Minors (2009 rev.)
Insurance (1996 rev. with 2003 cum. supp.)
Interpreting Oregon Law (2009 edition)
Juvenile Law (2007 rev.)
Labor Employment Law: Private Sector (2002 rev.)
Labor Employment Law: Public Sector (2002 rev.)
Land Use (2010 edition)
Oregon Administrative Law (2010 edition)
Oregon Civil Litigation Manual (2004 rev. with 2009 supp.)
Oregon Civil Pleading and Practice (2006 rev.)
Oregon Formal Ethics Opinions (2005 rev. with 2007 and 2010 supps.)
Oregon Health Law Manual, Vol. 1: Consent, Confidentiality, and Reporting (2003 rev.)
Oregon Health Law Manual, Vol. 2: Life and Death Decisions (1997 rev.)
Oregon Health Law Manual, Vol. 3: Delivering Health Care (1998 rev.)
Oregon Health Law Manual, Vol. 4: Payment for Health Care (2001 rev.)
2005 Oregon Legislation Highlights
2007 Oregon Legislation Highlights
2008 Oregon Legislation Highlights
2009 Oregon Legislation Highlights
2010 Oregon Legislation Highlights
Oregon Trial Objections
Principles of Oregon Real Estate Law (1995 edition with 2003 cum. supp.)
Real Estate Disputes (1993 edition with 2002 cum. supp.)
Regulation and Taxation of Real Estate (1995 edition with 2003 cum. supp.)
Rights of Foreign Nationals (2010 edition)
Torts (2006 rev.)
Uniform Civil Jury Instructions (2005 rev. with 2006-2010 supps.)
Uniform Criminal Jury Instructions (2009 rev. with 2010 supp.)
Workers Compensation (2008 rev.)

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