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Oregon Supreme Court: Concealed Handgun License & Medical Marijuana Case

“… Today, the Oregon Supreme Court held that sheriffs must issue concealed handgun licenses to applicants who meet the statutory requirements for such issuance, regardless of the applicants’ use of medical marijuana. In doing so, the Court rejected arguments raised by sheriffs from two different counties that, to the extent that Oregon’s concealed handgun licensing statute does not concern itself with an applicant’s use of marijuana, it is preempted by a federal statute that prohibits possession of a firearm by any unlawful user of a controlled substance….”  [Link to OJD Media Releases.]
Link to full (consolidated) case:  WILLIS v. WINTERS (CC 07-2755-Z7; CA A139875; SC S058645), SANSONE v. GORDON, STEVEN SCHWERDT v. GORDON, LEE WALLICK v. GORDON, (CC C073809CV, C0073810CV, C073811CV; CA A139802; SC S058642)  [Link to full Oregon Supreme Court case.]
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