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Oregon Tattoo Artist Licensing Update


Willamette Week, July 21, 2010, story: The Skin Game: Unlicensed tattooing is on the rise—with bad consequences” about the Oregon Health Licensing Agency (OHLA) and tattoo artists:

Excerpt: “It takes more than dyed hair, gauged ears and a wardrobe inspired by Kat Von D to become a tattoo artist in Oregon.

Hundreds of hours and dollars can go into getting a tattoo license from the Oregon Health Licensing Agency—legally required by the state since 1993.

But many have decided to forgo the testing and training that’s necessary to prevent staph infections, blood poisoning or worse for customers. A recent case marks the first time anyone has been charged in Oregon with the misdemeanor of tattooing without a license, says Kraig Bohot, a spokesman for the health licensing agency.

The charges in Coos County are in connection with the Feb. 5 death of 17-year-old ….“ (Link to full post.)

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