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Oregon Traffic Laws 2008 and a New Year’s Resolution Just for You


New traffic laws are highlighted at the Oregonian and at the DMV (see their other press releases here). Old and new traffic laws here and here and here.

And here’s a traffic rule NO ONE in Portland seems to know, except for those drivers from countries where one is expected to know the Roundabout Rules (and to learn how to drive, and park, before getting a license) (e.g. UK):

When exiting a roundabout (aka traffic circle), “ALWAYS INDICATE YOUR EXIT [from the circle] USING YOUR RIGHT TURN SIGNAL.” See pages 50-51 of the Oregon Driver Manual.

Think of all the calories you burn when you use your turn signals! You will also be the one in a million who does use turn signals in the Portland Metro area and deserve a medal – maybe a little one shaped like this or better yet, this. Not surprisingly, I’m not the only one with a no-turn-signal rant (see here and here). Even the police don’t use them much – maybe they are as special as the civilians who don’t think they have to use them either. Maybe if we offered an hour of free parking for every proper use of a turn signal, and a $$$ ticket for every turn signal not used ….

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