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Oregon Trial Attorney Resources: Law Practice, Statutes of Limitations, and More


Jerry Cunningham at his info-packed Live Journal Oregon Law website linked to this Oregon attorney website: Oregon Trial Attorney Resources, from attorneys Richard J. Vangelisti and Scott F. Kocher.

Their website has a lot of buried treasure, especially in the articles they generously post for our reading pleasure (with brief annotations no less – a legal researcher’s dream). I could have just this past couple of days referred people to a couple of these.

Visit their website to read these articles and more:

1) Welcome to Oregon: What Every Lawyer Should Know About Practice In Oregon Courts, by Richard J. Vangelisti and Scott F. Kocher

This article discusses the unique aspects of Oregon state and federal court practice that are most important for pro hac vice counsel and other lawyers who are new to Oregon.”

2) Federal Court vs. State Court, by Richard Vangelisti

What is the difference between state court and federal court? The differences can have a significant effect on the cost, and even the outcome of a civil case. This article describes the considerations that Oregon lawyers must weigh when deciding which court is a better forum for a case.”

3) Traps for the Unwary: Is Oregon’s Statue of Limitations for Injury Claims Really Two Years?, by Scott F. Kocher

This article discusses the most common exceptions to the ORS 12.110 two-year statute of limitations for personal injury cases and other tort claims in Oregon.”

Visit the Vangelisti Kocher LLP website for the full text of these articles.

And visit Jerry’s Oregon Law site for lots more Oregon law and legal research tips!

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