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Oregon Voter Registration Deadline: April 29th?


You wouldn’t think you’d have to study the Oregon Elections Division web pages to find the impending, looming, terrifyingly close voter registration deadline, but you do!

Here’s what it says at the Election Division Homepage. Find it there? Nope. Click on Voter Registration. Find it there? Nope.

Now, click on the next link, Register to Vote, (and then read half-way down the page). It says:

“If you are registering in Oregon for the first time, your completed voter registration form must be postmarked by the 21st day before an election in order to vote in that election.”

Is this helpful? A little bit, maybe. Those who can’t do the math (or the statutory deconstruction) might guess the deadline would be April 30th, but they’d be wrong!

The deadline is April 29th! See the timeline under Voter Resources.

(… just a little levity from your public law librarian. We’re human too! So don’t be afraid to make mistakes, make wrong assumptions, ask those so-called “stupid questions.” We ask them too! And sometimes we have no more of a clue as to the answer than you do, though we do have fun researching it 🙂

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