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Oregon Writs of Assistance


There are all kinds of writs: execution, attachment, review, mandamus, and assistance, to name a few.

The one most commonly asked about by pro se litigants is the writ of assistance. Here are some sources of information and forms:

Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association Civil Process Manual (aka “Sheriffs’ Manual”)

1) Chapter 4: Provisional Process, descriptions, practice tips, and forms, e.g. motion for assistance and Order for Issuance
2) Chapter 15: Writs and Orders of Assistance, descriptions, practice tips, and forms

Depending on the your specific situation, you may also need to consult the following resources for for additional information. These may be online in some libraries but that database is available only by subscription from the Oregon State Bar. More libraries will have the print volumes than the online:

1) “Civil Pleading and Practice” and “Civil Litigation Manual” (OSB CLE Deskbooks)
2) “Creditors Rights and Remedies” (OSB CLE Deskbook)
3) “Foreclosing Security Interests” (OSB CLE Deskbook)

You may also want to consult an attorney for legal information and advice.


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