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OSB Publications and PLF Practice Tips, Checklists, and Forms for Oregon Attorneys


OSB BarBooks: Did you know that in addition to all the practice loose-leafs available online through your OSB BarBooks service, you can also find these invaluable OSB publications:

  • PLF Handbooks, e.g. Oregon Statutory Time Limitations
  • Guardianships, Conservatorships and Transfers to Minors
  • Interpreting Oregon Law
  • Oregon Trial Objections
  • Rights of Foreign Nationals
  • Oregon Legislation Highlights (current year – and, potentially, previous years)
  • UPL Advisory Opinions (including the opinion on non-lawyer client representation in Small Claims Court)

Don’t forget to check out the OSB Legal Publications blog.

PLF Practice Publications: Explore dozens, hundreds, of PLF Practice Aids and Forms at the PLF website, including sample engagement (and disengagement and nonengagement) letters, client and case checklists, and lots of eCourt tips, reminders, and warnings.

PLF Law Practice Management website and blog: Law practice advice with humor and perspective: Blog posts, articles, presentations on a wide range of topics like, “I can’t find my client,” “How to fire a client,” and “Is your hard earned money being stolen?

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