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Why are Passwords So Hard for Lawyers? (Inter-Alia)


Tom Mighell tackles the question: Why are Passwords So Hard for Lawyers?”

Answer: ZZZZZzzzz. But doze off at your own risk:

Excerpt: “The subject of passwords is one that is both fascinating and frustrating to me. We know that it’s getting easier and easier for hackers to crack our passwords; just three years ago, a nine-digit password would take 44,530 years to crack, but today that same password can be cracked in less than a day, according to Passfault. And yet, when I mention this in speeches that I give, lawyers invariably give a heavy sigh, roll their eyes, and promptly tune out. I know what they’re thinking: “12 digit password? It’s hard enough for me to remember the name of my dog and the numbers 123!” [Link to blog post and blog homepage.]

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