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Perils of a New Washington County (Oregon) Law Library Website


The newly redesigned Washington County (Oregon) website is up and running, however …

One of the many perils of migrating to a new county webpage is that links from this Oregon Legal Research blog to research guides on the Washington County (Oregon) Law Library’s (WCLL) webpage will be misdirected. Not all of them, but too many. I am slowly making my way through the cleanup, including updating previous blog post links to some of our most frequently used research guides.

Here is the list so far, with correct links for the guides I’ve been told are not linking properly from old posts. (You can also get to these guides from the WCLL webpage.)

1) How to Find Oregon Appellate Court Briefs

2) How to Find a Lawyer in Oregon in 6 Easy Steps

3) Portland-metro Area Legal Services Guide

4) CLEs for credit for Oregon attorneys (alpha and call number lists)

5) Uses for Old Law Books (How to Dispose of Used Law Books) (with Donation Checklist)

6) Oregon Legislative History Checklist

7) Washington County Law Library Services to the Public

8) Washington County Law Library Services to Oregon Attorneys

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