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Private For Hire Transportation (Uber, Lyft, Taxis) Forum (Portland, OR)


If you think this June 16, 2015, PFHT Open House sounds boring and you live in the Portland-metro area, you haven’t been paying attention to Sharing Economy news:

Portland’s Private For Hire Transportation (PFHT) Program and the Task Force Meeting Schedule.

From the Open House notification sent to NextDoor members:

Many of you have read in the paper about the arrival of peer to peer transportation companies like Uber and Lyft who have arrived in Portland. New regulations are being created this summer around this. It has been a controversial issue and the task-force of community members working on it are having a forum to hear from the public. There is still debate about if it should be allowed and what regulations need to be in place to make it work. This issue is particularly import for people with disabilities who have historically not had great access to private transportation. If you know of people in your neighborhood please pass this information on. I am including all the details I know below but please understand this is a Bureau of Transportation event so if you need an accommodation to attend or you would like more information about the forum or the issue contact Jody @ 503 823 1769 “

PFHT Community Open House
June 16; 4:00-7:30 pm
Meeting Room C, 2nd floor
Portland Building – 1120 SW 5th
4:30–5:00 General circulation
5:00 Plenary Session
– Welcome: Commissioner Novick, Chair Greenfield
– Overview of process
– Why are we here today; what input we’re seeking
– Format for open house
– Field limited number of questions about today’s event
5:20-5:30 Circulation
5:30. Subcommittee programs
– Introduction by convener to topics being addressed
– Set of questions to be developed for each subcommittee
7:00 Report outs
7:15 Wrap up and circulation
7:30 Adjourn
Jun 9 in General to all areas in City of Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement

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