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Pro Se Litigant, Civil Gideon, and “It’s all Online” (so ask Siri to draft that eviction notice) News Round-up


1) Idaho: “Idaho County to Hire Lawyer to Assist Pro Se Litigants,” Aug 13, 2012, by Molly McDonough. ABA Journal News.

Link to Idaho Press Tribune story: Idaho county to hire lawyer to help ‘pro se’ cases

2) Massachusetts: Yale Law Journal article (June 2012): Randomized Evaluation in Legal Assistance: What Difference Does Representation (Offer and Actual Use) Make? by D. James Greiner and Cassandra Wolos Pattanayak

3) California (SF Chronicle): ‘.…  A delegation of 18 judges from the Shandong province of China visited the San Francisco Law Library last week, to see how the legal system operates here and also to hear a talk from Public Defender Jeff Adachi….

Despite being used as an example of a viable legal system, however, the facility will lose its home in the Veterans War Memorial Complex in May, when the building’s retrofitting begins. San Francisco supes have been reluctant to support finding a new home, saying that research can be done online.

Libraries are a dying breed, but then again, so is critical thought,” says irate citizen Larry Bain, who forwarded word of this. “Well, at least we still have Google for the price of a smartphone. I hear that you can defend yourself pretty well by having Siri plead your case….’  From “Muni, where the bones are buried,” by Leah Garchik column, Wednesday, August 15, 2012, San Francisco Chronicle

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