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Promises, Promises: Conan and Contracts


(The Law Librarian Blog has an interesting update to this story: What Would Professor Kingsfield Say? Conan O’Brien-NBC Contract Dispute Awakens Sleeping 1L Contract Students, posted, January 16, 2010.)

I read recently that “Conan’s Lawyers Screwed Up, Forgot To Specify “Tonight Show” Time Slot,” Henry Blodget, Jan. 11, 2010.

A lot of people exclaim “there ought to be a law,” but the reality is, in many instances, what people need is better contracts. From your condo/HOA bylaws, to your apartment lease, to employment contracts, to that CEO going-out-the-door sweetheart deal, to that prenuptial agreement, to your will, and on and on and on, it’s the words of the contract that matter.

(There are many blogs, books, and classes on drafting contracts, e.g. here and here, but don’t confuse legally valid with well drafted (not that lawyers, clients, and judges won’t still disagree).)

(Thanks to Rob at Law in the News for the link to the Conan contract story.)

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