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Public Domain Reprints and Chat Rooms (inter-alia)


Two Inter-Alia posts that caught my eye:

Reprints of Public Domain Works
Excerpt: “Now this is seriously cool. Let’s say you’re looking for a book, but it’s out of print. Head over to Google Books and do a search for a book. Once you find one you want, copy the URL and take it to (if you don’t want to use Google Books, there’s a search feature here where you can search over 1.7 million titles). Paste the URL into the Reprint Request box, enter your email address, and in a while you’ll get a message that your book is available to purchase at Lulu….”

Creating Chat Rooms on the Fly
Excerpt: “As readers of this blog may know, Dennis Kennedy and I have written a book on collaboration technologies for lawyers — The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies: Smart Ways to Work Together will discuss not only collaboration strategies but also the tools that will help you work with others. We’ll also be creating an online companion for our book, with a constantly-updated directory of the collaboration technologies we find. Today I’ll mention one of those sites.”

Inter-alia = inter alia

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