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Read the Whole Screen: You’re Never too “Experienced” for More Training

This is true whether you climb mountains or research the law.  How many times do you read a news report about a tragedy on a mountain where the climber, hiker, skier is described as “experienced.”
How about those Facebook and Twitter meltdowns with people, quite old enough to be considered “experienced” by any measure, who seem not to have read the whole screen, literally and figuratively speaking.
This is a rather roundabout way of saying, we’re never too old to learn new tricks, to learn from young and old, and to jump at any chance to learn or refresh our skills, whether they are computer, notary public, search engine, or database searching skills.
Experience” can go only so far if we don’t keep our skills up to date, and practice, practice, practice.
Here’s an example of something most of us (me!) need to be reminded:
When visiting a website for the first time or even for the 100th time, it’s really important to READ THE WHOLE SCREEN.
I’m so guilty of this myself.  A favorite Multnomah County Library Assistant was telling me about a training program that she and a librarian colleague give to public service library staff members.  The class is several hours long and the more she described it the more I thought, “wow, I could use that!”  One of the most important, and simplest, things they teach and demonstrate is to READ THE WHOLE SCREEN.
Try this out.  You’ll be amazed what you find.
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