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Research Tip on Finding Free & Low Cost Legal Research Databases


LoisLaw is dead; long live Fastcase/Loislaw.

Research Tip: Good word searches won’t get you very far if you don’t update your research.

(And all good legal researchers know how to “update the law.”)

SO, if you search for: free or low cost legal research databases … make sure you look for the MOST RECENT search results. Otherwise you’ll end up with yesterday’s search results (and yesterday’s databases), when what you need are today’s results.

(Extra tip: Make sure you do this “updating” step whenever you search for forms, instructions, memos, news, etc. Unless of course you want YESTERDAY’S forms, instructions, etc. And sometimes one does want yesterday’s documents.)

We blog about lot of free and low cost legal research databases, see tags below,

BUT, you still have to update those posts, because Change Happens and the World Moves On Quite Happily Without You. (In fact it appears that it moves on a whole lot better without humans at all, so watch out. If you don’t believe me, Google this, Chernobyl wildlife without humans.)

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