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Rin Tin Tin in a Litigious World


If you think the news is all about Presidential (so to speak) elections and economic meltdowns – think again!

A pooch to protect: Rin Tin Tin’s latest film doesn’t sit well with Daphne Hereford, and if she has her way, the star’s next drama could be in court, by MARY FLOOD, Copyright, 2008 Houston Chronicle, Oct. 6, 2008, 11:26PM, excerpt:

“… . Rin Tin Tin is important to me and to other people,” said the owner of, author of a fan club newsletter, seller of furry memorabilia and holder of seven Rin Tin Tin federal trademarks. “I had the choice to let the Rin Tin Tin legacy go by the wayside but, to me, it stands for honesty, goodness and integrity.”

She said she had to ask a Houston federal judge to protect Rin Tin Tin, whose progeny have been bred by her family since 1957.

Hereford takes offense at the movie Finding Rin Tin Tin, filmed in Bulgaria in 2006 and previously released overseas but marketed on DVD in this country as of Sept. 16. She scoffs at the ears and the look of the pup in the movie and is offended by a scene in which a man drinks out of a cup in which the dog later urinates.

Adding insult, the DVD release came just a week or so after the 90th birthday of the original German shepherd puppy Rin Tin Tin, who was found by a World War I GI in the rubble of a kennel in France….” (read full article)

(Thanks to Rob at Lewis & Clark’s Boley Law Library and his Law in the News, for the, uh, lead.)

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