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Six Words, “Seventeen” Syllables, Baseball in 150 Words … Legal Reference in Under 141 Characters?


We have haiku and we have six-word stories – and we have Baseball in under 150 Words (and don’t forget Rafe Esquith’s beautiful 132-word description), so why should we all be wailing about 140 character Tweets? (And, here (from Future Lawyer) is one reason to know how to Twitter. No one is forcing you, but it might be a very good thing to know, not unlike knowing how to drive a car with a manual transmission.)

I’m wondering, though … can I respond to a legal research question in fewer than 141 characters – and have the question answered satisfactorily, if incompletely?

It does depend on the question and on the glibness of the response too, I suppose. The classic example is the response to the Question: How Does One Get to Carnegie Hall? Answer: Practice, practice, practice. (Elephant jokes also have wonderfully pithy responses.)

But what about responding to these questions?

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