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Slush Piles: Writers and the Law


Publisher slush piles have collapsed as much from too many lawyers (and people wanting to sue) as from the sheer volume of “slush.”

Here’s an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal:

The Death of the Slush Pile: Even in the Web era, getting in the door is tougher than ever,
Wall Street Journal, January 15, 2010, by Katherine Rosman:

Excerpt: “… Now, slush is dead, or close to extinction. Film and television producers won’t read anything not certified by an agent because producers are afraid of being accused of stealing ideas and material. Most book publishers have stopped accepting book proposals that are not submitted by agents. Magazines say they can scarcely afford the manpower to cull through the piles looking for the Next Big Thing….” (link to full article)

Thanks to the January 19, 2010, post at Library Link of the Day for the lead.

For publisher and writers groups links for Oregon authors, try the Oregon Authors website.

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