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Small Claims Court in Oregon: Advice and Tips for Plaintiffs and Defendants


You can’t (CANNOT) waltz into an Oregon Small Claims Court and expect to win your case. You have to do your homework:

1) You have to read the book (in public and law libraries and bookstores):

“Using Small Claims Court in Oregon.” by Janay Haas, 2012. (Oregon Legal Guides)

2) The Oregon State Bar will also have useful information.

** Important Reminder: Oregon small claims courts are county justice and county circuit courts, not statewide courts, so you need to learn how small claims courts are managed in the county where you sue or defend yourself. For example, in Lane County, you would visit the Lane County Circuit Court Small Claims Court website (and the Lane County Law Library, too!).

3) Previous Small Claims Court blog posts that might be useful for self-represented litigants (in other words, you, if you’re suing or defending yourself in court).

4) Small Claims Court guides, videos, tips, and more.

5) Oregon Small Claims Court: A Checklist for Plaintiffs and Defendants

6) Oregon Small Claims Court Resources at the Washington County Law Library

7) For lawyers:

Small Claims Court Resources for Oregon Lawyers: CLEs, Video, Books, History

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