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More Sources of Free Full-text Versions of Articles


People like “free.’ People like getting free content from other people who paid for the content. Long live the free-loader, long live the person who spends $20 in time and gas looking for a free parking spot instead of paying $10 for a paid space! It’s the principle, isn’t it?

But sometimes getting “free” is about the journey and the satisfaction earned when putting one’s search skills to the test. Here’s one way to do both, from Aaron at Musings about Librarianship:

5 services to help researchers find free full text instantly & a quick assessment of effectiveness

Excerpt: “As open access takes hold, the ability to quickly find free versions of articles becomes more and more useful and important. So what are the best ways to do so?

Hat Tip to Aaron Tay, Musings about Librarianship blog, and the AALL KnowitAALL daily news alert service, which is fun and informative!

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