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States Must Spend Millions for ID Law


Remember “unfunded mandates?” They never really went away so you may as well get reacquainted with them. (See also, National Conference of State Legislatures on unfunded mandates.)

Interesting story in the Salem (Oregon) Statesman Journal, 11/21/13:

State Must Spend Millions for ID Law

Excerpt: “Oregon would need to spend $16.3 million during the next six years to upgrade security measures for its driver’s licenses, or the federal government could refuse to recognize Oregon IDs for things like boarding a plane.

That’s according to a report from Oregon’s Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division that was requested by senators on the Business and Transportation interim committee.

The REAL ID Act, passed by the U.S. Congress in 2005, required each state to add 39 specific elements to its processes for issuing IDs….” [Link to full Statesman Journal article.]

Link to the Salem Statesman Journal.

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