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Superseded Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS): July 2013 Update


Currently you can find PDFs of the 1955-1967 and 1995-2009 ORS at the Oregon Legislature’s website. Soon, the 1969-1993 superseded ORSs will be there, too. (Look under: “Selected Archives of the Oregon Revised Statutes.”)

The Washington County Law Library has been scanning these pre-1995 ORSs for the Legislature and they have been making those images available to everyone from their website. We have scanned through 1989  (and started 1991), but for a publicly-hosted set of these superseded statutes for the years 1967-1993, you need to be patient.

We have been told that the Legislature is in the middle of a website redesign project and won’t be able to publish the 1967-1993 superseded ORSs until October. (We wish them luck and lots of pizza for sustenance! A redesign is lots of work, lots of fun work (at least for librarians, website designers, and content strategists), but it is a mega-ton of work from start to finish, especially on the scale of a state legislature’s website).

So, in the meantime, here’s how to find Oregon Superseded Statutes (aka ORSs):

1) 1955-1967 and 1995-2009 ORSs:  Easy: From the Oregon Legislature’s website, search under Bills/Laws.  Click on the link to “Selected Archives of the Oregon Revised Statutes.”

2) 1969-1989 ORSs: Not so easy, but not too bad:
a) Some public and academic law libraries have these in print, or
b) Email the Washington County Law Library with your ORS citation (year and section) and we will send you a PDF of the page(s) you need.

3) 1991-1993: Not so easy: not fully scanned, yet:
a) Some public and academic law libraries have these in print, or
b) We hope to have these scanned and indexed soon, so you can also email us and ask.

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