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Tattooed Librarians of the Pacific NW Calendar


Help a Library-School Student:

NW Tattooed Librarian Calendar

From the Emporia students: “Help support Emporia State University’s School of Library and Information Management students! We created this calendar as a fundraiser for our graduation and it turned our really well. You can buy the calendar online for $25 from this link:

Just as a heads-up, in order to buy from Zazzle you have to set up an account. If you’re uncomfortable with that (privacy issues, online purchasing issues, too many online account issues) let [them] know and we’ll be happy to send you a preordered copy.

We thought these would make a great gift idea so we tried to get them ready to go with plenty of time to shop before Christmas. And as a hint: if you buy in bulk, you save! Even buying 2 calendars instead of 1 will save you money on shipping.

Thank you for supporting library students! We want to have an amazing graduation so we can recognize all of the great things we’ve achieved. Help us realize that vision! If you know anyone who would be interested in these calendars, help us pass on the word!”

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