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When do I have to give notice for my fixed-term lease?


If you have a fixed-term lease and are wondering if you have to give notice to your landlord that you will move out at the end of the lease term, the most important resource available to you likely is the lease itself.  The Oregon Residential Landlord Tenant Act spells out notice requirements for month-to-month leases and has information on fixed-term leases turning into month-to-month tenancies, but may not be as clear about termination notice requirements for fixed-term leases.  So, take a good look at your lease; the information you need will likely be included there. 

The Fair Housing Council of Oregon has a neat, interactive sample Metro Multifamily Rental Agreement with tips and explanations for different parts of the lease: has information on moving out, as does the Oregon State Bar’s public information site. The Oregon Legal Research website has a run-down of landlord-tenant resources, including tenant hotlines that may be helpful with this topic. For more landlord tenant law resources, click on the subject tag at the bottom of this post to see applicable blog posts.

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