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The Human Book: Borrow a Librarian from Your Library


From the The Times Online, 4/22/08: The new library fad: borrow a person: A new library allows readers to borrow people for a 30-minute chat. Here’s the experience of one man who offered himself as a human book

The idea, which comes from Scandinavia, is simple: instead of books, readers can come to the library and borrow a person for a 30-minute chat. The human “books” on offer vary from event to event but always include a healthy cross-section of stereotypes. Last weekend, the small but richly diverse list included Police Officer, Vegan, Male Nanny and Lifelong Activist as well as Person with Mental Health Difficulties and Young Person Excluded from School. I was there as Gay Man…” (read full article).

I’m not sure how this “librarian borrowing” is different from asking for a 30-minute appointment with a particular librarian to discuss a particular subject, which is done in acadmic and special libraries all the time, but this adaptation for public libraries sounds like a lot of fun.

How about a “Borrow a Lawyer” program at the Law Library?

(Personally I’m more partial to Read to the Dogs, a very popular program here in Oregon public libraries, but then, I can talk to library people and lawyers anytime I want 🙂

Thanks to Library Link of the Day (4/28/08) for the post.

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