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The Internet is a Copy Machine and 1,000 True Fans


I read Kevin Kelly as often as possible but still miss many of his writings, so thank you to Dennis Kennedy for zeroing in on this KK post, Better than Free. It’s a wonderful read:

Excerpt from Better than Free:

The internet is a copy machine. At its most foundational level, it copies every action, every character, every thought we make while we ride upon it. In order to send a message from one corner of the internet to another, the protocols of communication demand that the whole message be copied along the way several times. IT companies make a lot of money selling equipment that facilitates this ceaseless copying. Every bit of data ever produced on any computer is copied somewhere. The digital economy is thus run on a river of copies. Unlike the mass-produced reproductions of the machine age, these copies are not just cheap, they are free….” (continue reading full post)

And here’s another KK post worth reading (both fun and provocative): 1,000 True Fans

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