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The Paperless Lawyer is a Mobile Lawyer


(You can see I’m clearing out my blog post rough drafts!)

See Jim Calloway’s post: Security Issues of Carrying Digital Documents

I also really like this, because going paperless is as much a conceptual adjustment as a business model one: A mobile lawyer is a paperless lawyer

Whenever I talk to lawyers about switching to a digital workflow system I always get the same question: what’s the best way to switch? The answer: all at once. Next question. What’s the second best way?

Ah, excellent question. And the answer is: just work on becoming a mobile lawyer. The more mobile you are the less dependent on paper you’ll become (after all you aren’t going to be very mobile if you have to drag tons of paper around with you). I was pretty mobile before Katrina pushed me into that extreme form of mobility known as nomadism. But Katrina was good because it forced me to think more deeply about how to diminish my reliance on paper, and anything else that would keep me tethered to a specific location…” (full post here)

Ernie the Attorney in this post also talks about paperless mail via EarthClass Mail, and if that doesn’t rock your world then I’m not sure anything will.

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