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Towing in Oregon: The Beat Goes On


Towing is nothing if not exciting in Oregon (and probably elsewhere around the world). Local papers seem to run a “towing” story every week. The 1/8/08, Oregonian story, “Complaints push police to overhaul tow policy,” by Maxine Bernstein, is only the latest one.

Portland is particularly active in the Towing Law Making Arena and you can visit their home page, type the word towing into the search box, and keep yourself busy for a while – a long while. But public law librarians get towing questions from all over the state (and beyond, believe it or not) so, like condo law, I’ll blog about the subject fairly often.

Keep in mind that everyone from the neighborhood association to the Legislature gets involved with making towing law and policy, so you will need to look far and wide, near and far for towing laws. Statewide laws are updated not infrequently, the latest change occurred this past 2007 Legislative Session. See the following for information:

Oregon Attorney General press release from June 25th, 2007

The bills that passed in 2007 are Senate Bill 116 (which became Chapter 538) and Senate Bill 431 (which became Chapter 565).

The 2007 ORS isn’t out yet, but will be any day now. In the meantime, use those enrolled Senate bills I linked to above or visit here and track them down yourself.

And don’t forget the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) while you’re researching.

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