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Traffic Week (Oregon): Creative (and Green) Modes of Transportation


I’ve always found a lot of mainstream transportation types fairly limited on the imagination front. Transportation types speak about bikes, cars, buses, and feet, with a few drive-by motorcycles, scooters, wheelchairs, and golf carts.

How someone riding a horse (or even Thor’s wheel) was able to make the leap, so to speak, to the automobile will always amaze me.

Surely, in the very near future, something new will be rolling, scooting, and perambulating over (above, or below) the Earth – we can dream, can’t we?

Why don’t we hear much about these?

1) Tuk Tuk

2) Personal blimp

3) Twin Turbo Jet Pack (there is also this one, but it looks as if he is just stocked up with coffee for the day – LOL!)

4) The Solar Winged Helios Vehicle

5) For more: Unusual transportation (and update by typing those words into Google Images)

6) How about these from Kevin Kelly’s Street Use:

a) Scooter Contraption

b) Generator Motor Car

c) Wooden Pedal Bicycle (more Wooden Bikes)

d) Motor Unicycle

d) Monster Segway

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