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Turn Your Clocks BACK, November 2nd, 2008


From NASA: Back it up, Commander, Back it up!!

(Can you go backwards or up or down in space? Or on earth, for that matter?)

On Sunday, 2 a.m., November 2nd, 2008, the clocks are turned back to 1 a.m – Hurrah! (Or is it Fall Forward instead of Fall Backward 😛) See Time and Date, which asks and answers:

In which direction does the clock move in the fall?

The clock moves ahead (thus, losing one hour) when DST starts, typically in the spring, and falls back one hour (thus, gaining one hour) when DST ends in the fall. To make it easier to remember which way the clock goes, keep in mind one of these sayings: “spring forward, fall back” or “spring ahead, fall behind.”

But check the time online (or with the radio (uh, a local station, you know, not a GMT one))when you wake up, just to make sure you did what you were supposed to do.

This is just a reminder (and heaven knows I too keep forgetting). Here’s my previous post on, “When Do Clocks Change to Standard Time? November 2nd, 2008

Halloween should stay a little lighter, later this year – yeah!

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