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U.S. Bank Will and Trust Forms: 2003 edition


Many but not all Oregon attorneys know about the terrific 3 volume set of Will and Trust Forms (Oregon Version), compiled by Joseph J. Hanna, Jr. and Campbell Richardson and published by the US Bank Private Client Group.

Rumors have been swirling that there is a 2006 edition, but upon inquiry we were informed that this is incorrect and the 2003 edition is still the latest one. (In 2006 I was told no update was in the works so a new edition is still likely a ways off.)

This is good news for most of us. The set is not cheap (but is excellent value) and must still have a good and long life ahead in its current form. Some changes may have occurred in filing requirements, so don’t forget to check the OSB practice and course materials, the statutes (the 2007s expected within a few weeks), and (of course) the court where you are filing to make you are using the correct forms.

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