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U.S. Supreme Court Oral Argument Audiotapes (and the Oregon Appellate Courts’ Policy)


Visit SCOTUS blog for a report and links: New Policy on Tapes Release

In Oregon, CD’s of the Oregon Supreme and Appellate Courts’ oral arguments are usually available the day after the hearing, depending on the bailiff’s work flow. To obtain a copy of the CD, contact OJD at 503-986-5553. The cost is $10 per argument (as of today). A form must be completed and payment is required in advance unless an attorney is requesting, in which case the attorney can be billed.

If you’re not an attorney, call and ask for specific instructions. Don’t try and find the information on the OJD website, unless you have a lot of time. There is a lot of information on the OJD website, but it’s difficult to find specific information. (All of us who work on websites know and understand the problem! We just have too much information to post for our customers, patrons, constituents, etc. and it seems not enough time to organize it all properly.) Sometimes THE TELEPHONE is your Best Friend!

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