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United State Code (USC) Title 51 (Not to Be Confused with Area 51)


My fellow law librarians reminded me about the new United States Code (USC) Title 51 (which you will actually cite more like this: 51 USC xxx).

That USC Title 51 will (does!) sound strange to us old-timers. (Though not for the same reason it will confuse Area 51 devotees – and Title 51 is about Space Programs – ha ha ha.)

There isn’t yet a codification to find at the Cornell LI site or at the official FDSys United States Code site, but you can still look at the Session Law, P.L. 111-314 (enacted on December 18, 2010): Title 51, United States Code, National and Commercial Space Programs

U.S. Office of Law Revision Counsel brings us USC Title 51 (and main Positive Law website)

Related to this, is a reminder not to confuse U.S. session law (U.S. Statutes at Large) with its codified version (United States Code) or it’s commercial versions, U.S.C.S. (LexisNexis Matthew Bender) and U.S.C.A. (Thomson Reuters).

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