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Washington County Law LIbrary Website: New Links, Old LInks, Dead Links


If you run into broken links from this blog to documents on our website, the Washington County (Oregon) Law Library, we apologize.

When websites are upgraded, when webpages are moved, when links rot, we all know what happens.  Sigh.

We all try our best to clean up links, but sometimes we just need to move on, move forward.  (Maybe that was what James Joyce and Shakespeare decided too, when they looked at their published manuscripts and noticed typos or, heaven forbid, awkward sentences.  I bet they both said, “let it go, let’s just move on.  What’s past is prologue.” Well, it could have happened!)

First try visiting our homepage.  If that doesn’t work, try using our Documents Index, which we keep under the left button labeled Legal Research Resources.

Of course, links do also suddenly die, but don’t despair.  Run a search-engine search using the exact name of the document you need or contact the source. Webmasters want to know if their readers can’t find what they need!

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