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Washington State Legal Research (for non-Washingtonians)


Do you have questions about Washington State law? Here are some legal research tips, which will also apply if you need to research other states’ laws (just substitute the other state’s name for Washington’s).


If you want to know about legal forms, practice books, treatises, free and subscription databases, and other legal research tools, the best place to start is with a law library website or law librarian in Washington State. Some non-Washington state law libraries will have a few of these research resources, but if you aren’t near one of those law libraries, read on ….

1) County law libraries: Washington State has a network of county law libraries which, like Oregon’s county law libraries, work together to help lawyers and self-represented litigants find research materials. Check the WA County Law Library website Directory and Links for resources.

2) Law school libraries: Washington State has some excellent public law school libraries. (They have a few private ones as well, but start with the public ones.)

3) Don’t forget the Washington State Law Library!


If you need to find a lawyer or links to free and low cost legal services, check state and local bar association websites, for example:

1) Washington State Bar Association

2) King County Bar Association (and the King County Law Library)

3) Washington State Law Help


Court websites sometimes have lots of useful information, so check the website of the court where you will file your case or where you need assistance:

The Washington State Courts websites

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