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When Cheating isn’t Cheating: Public Speaking Tricks


Just as there are some lotteries you don’t want to win (e.g. airplane crashes), there are also some cheats who aren’t really cheats – not the bad kind, at least.

Ever wonder how good public speakers seem to talk without notes? While some really can, others have tricks. I love these simple ones – and am sure we can think up others:

Public Speaking: Take a Peek:

Excerpt: “I usually have notes hidden around the stage, but the audience
never knows that I’m looking at them.

I look at my notes that are lying flat on my table when

1. The audience is laughing
2. When I’m pushing buttons on my laptop… “
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I also learned a couple of useful public speaking “No More ZZZs” techniques from watching the Comedy Sportz folks who masterfully entertained an 8-80 (years-old) crowd at a private party.

More on public speaking, from Toastmasters Oregon.

More on Cheating: Detecting Plagiarism:

Essay mills, debt collectors, Ukraine, Philippines, lawyers, doctoral students …. If you haven’t thought about plagiarism by students, read this article from the Chronicle of Higher Education (4/20/09):

Cheating Goes Global as Essay Mills Multiply: From Virginia to Manila: on the trail of papers for cash, by Thomas Bartlett

(Story lead from Library Link of the Day, April 30, 2009.)

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